A land linked to Pinot grigio - Consortium delle Venezie

The area is identified as the main national territory for the cultivation of Pinot and Chardonnay, mainly destined for the production of sparkling wines, obtained by the method of bottle fermentation (Martinotti or autoclave). Among these varieties, in the last twenty years, Pinot grigio grape has been affirmed in the northeastern wine areas as white still wine creating an important export stream identified by the geographical name delle Venezie.

The fresh and ventilated climate, thanks to the alpine chain, allows to concentrate an high acidity content that characterizes the white wines both in the quiet and in sparkling version. A satisfactory water availability, resulting from rainfall even during summer with normally-draining soils, provides limited (but non-costant) water intake and allows regular batch ripening. The marked thermal excursions during the ripening of the bunches enhance and retain the typical aromatic aroma of the grapes: these scents, combined with the acidic framework, allows to obtain fresh and aromatic sparkling wines.