Pinot grigio Revolution - Consortium delle Venezie

Revolution, is the correct term to describe what is today happening in Triveneto for the Pinot grigio variety: 2016/2010 strengthens this vine's indispensable bond o variety with the territory. Revolution has happened on the surfaces but also on viticulture that is young (since 2010 in Veneto has more than doubled its PG surface) mainly conducted by young people ready to deepen and optimize their modern, innovative and mechanized viticulture. Along with technology, attention is also paid to the vineyard with a correct and targeted use of irrigation, good foliar care, the use of new certified clonal materials and environmentally friendly vineyard practices. The final result is an efficient and higher quality production, with smaller impact from an environmental point of view and with a balanced distribution of the vegetation.

La crescita, 2016 su 2010

Regioni/Province %
Veneto 102
Friuli Venezia Giulia 50
Trento 21
Alto Adige 11