The Area - Consortium delle Venezie

DOC delle Venezie represents the entire northeastern area of ​​Italy, in the administrative territories of the Autonomous Province of Trento and the Friuli Venezia Giulia and Veneto Regions. This territory historically presents a great diversity of terroirs that allowed the production of wines with peculiarities that historically, since the recognition of the IGT of the Venezie, have characterized this territory for the production of Pinot grigio wines. The vineyards are particularly characterized by the presence of several litters: hilly on a steep slope are alternated with flat areas and the entire regions is northern characterized by Alps and Dolomites the important protection, while the Po And the Adriatic Sea ensure unique microclimatic influences.

The individual composition of Triveneto terroirs can be considered as elementary units concerned with viticulture and, as it is not possibile to create a general description given the amplitude and diversity of the area itself, it is anyway possible to trace a subdivision of macroareas: the vineyards, are grouped under delle Venezie designation of origin according to a criterion of proximity and affinity for pedo-climatic so the macroarea historically identified with the terms "tre Venezie", "Triveneto" or "delle Venezie" is represented in a Univocal reading unit.

The macroarea delle Venezie is therefore not based on the most significant elements of the terroir, first of all its history and geology with the ancient parental material able to originate today's soils with its chemical and physical unique characteristics. In this macroarea those viticulture vocated systems are grouped on areas characterized by common elements of the wine production.