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Verona, november 4th, 2023
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Pinot Grigio delle Venezie

Open Pinot Grigio delle Venezie DOC

and experience a wonderful world.
Shaped by a unique territory that includes Veneto, Trentino and Friuli Venezia Giulia. Everything here is special: from the microclimate to the traditions, from history to art. So is the wine that expresses them. Pinot Grigio delle Venezie: the DOC certified wonderful.

Pinot Grigio delle VENEZIE DOC

is produced in four types, each with a unique and special taste



Protecting, enhancing and promoting Pinot grigio: with these objectives the Consorzio DOC delle Venezie brings together all the operators of the production chain of Triveneto Pinot grigio to guarantee and certify the quality and origin of our wine.
Find out more about our work and our passion.
We protect and enhance Pinot grigio delle Venezie designation of origin

We strengthen the promotion and development of the wine production chain of the territories of Pinot Grigio.

We guarantee the respect of the best quality parameters and the traceability of our wine.



Consorzio delle Venezie DOC established in April 2017 but has already achieved several important objectives which are fundamental for the development of activities to protect the denomination of origin of the Pinot grigio of Triveneto. Current work in progress, great goals for the future.


We protect Pinot grigio, an international variety that sees 85% of its production in Northeast Italy, 43% of the global one.


Triveneta Certificazioni, a dedicated control body, is responsible of the certicication of Pinot grigio delle Venezie from the entire Triveneto region by controlling the entire production chain


The Production Specification guarantee the quality of the Pinot grigio delle Venezie DOC. The Consortium represents and protects producers who want to produce quality Pinot grigio.


Informing, promoting and recounting the denomination in the world to introduce global consumers who are fond of this variety the qualitative path taken by the production chain of Pinot grigio delle Venezie DOC


A common goal

DOC delle Venezie Consorzio associates all the operators of the production chain of Pinot grigio from Triveneto to guarantee and certify the quality and origin of our wine.


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