PINOT GRIGIO – DOC DELLE VENEZIE - Consortium delle Venezie

DOC delle Venezie represents the will of the northeast chains (Autonomous Province of Trento, Friuli Venezia Giulia and Veneto Region) to ensure the protection of the Pinot grigio designation of origin, enhancing the entire production previously marketed with the IGT.
In terms of numbers, 85% of Italian production, first in the world by volume, is produced in the Triveneto area. Only here, in 2016, 23,374 hectares of vines were reached, with significant increases in value compared to 2014 (+30,3% in Veneto, +23,2% in Friuli Venezia Giulia and +4,5% in the Province of Trento).

Revolution is the most suitable term to describe this important change in the Italian northeastern Pinot grigio. This Revolution is relative to surfaces but also viticulture, which is young (since 2010 in Veneto is more than doubled) and conducted by young people. The hottest topics are innovation and technology, an improved and vigorous management of the vineyard, proper and targeted use of water, excellent hair care, greater attention to the use of genetic material, and environmental sustainability.

The qualification path of the new DOC, initiated by a courageous specification of wine production strongly aimed to quality, redefined the reference values ​​for each production phase with the aim of valorising all Pinot grigio wines, decreasing the production of 26 hectoliters/hectare compared to IGTs. This has allowed a significant improvement of the qualitative parameters of the final product that will be labeled as Pinot grigio DOC delle Venezie.

Whether it DOC delle Venezie or labeled according to the disciplines of one of the 20 DOCs that historically produce Pinot grigio, starting from 2017 wine harvest all Triveneto wines will be certified to compose a coordinated and guaranteed system having as main object the benefit of the Final Consumer .