USA 2018 – east and west presenting Pinot grigio officially

26, Mar 2019 | post

The United States market today represents Canada together with 43% of the export of Pinot Grigio products whose presence must be supported by a precise and meticulous support work not only for sales.

Here all the concepts explained in the previous paragraph become fundamental for the introduction of the new denomination in what today is easily able to represent the certain outlet market for production.

The possibility of bottling abroad combined with a strong absorption capacity of the already bottled product has motivated the realization of a mission in the first year of activity of the Consortium itself strongly directed to the creation of a knowledge / conscience in all operators linked to the cycle of sale of Pinot Grigio products at every level.

The strong presence, within the American market, also of products deriving from productions of countries such as New Zealand, Eastern Europe but also the United States The same as California has more focused attention in the selection of interlocutors at individual events.

New York – October 22, 2018

The economic and social heart of the United States, New York could not be the starting point for the activities of the Consortium that wanted to focus on dialogue with interlocutors selected by IEEM’s Simply Italian Great Wines Tour 2018.

At the High Line Hotel, a day of interventions came to life, strongly linked to the presentation of the wines of the Consortium members useful to represent the entire social base and witnesses of the qualitative upgrade achieved with the start of the activities of the denomination itself.

1.15 pm – DOC delle Venezie, Pinot grigio Italian Style – the High Line Hotel

an unusual tasting was held at 1.15 pm as the first representation activity. The technician of the Consortium Nazareno Vicenzi accompanied by the President Armani presented the innovations regarding the denomination introducing the themes.

Afterwards, after a dialogue with those present, the members’ wines were presented in a “silent room” tasting that allowed them to accompany the presentation of the individual samples.

2.00 – 6.30 pm – Walkaround tasting

in a different way but always linked to the presentation of the positive characteristics of the members’ wines, starting at 2 pm the Consortium organized its own institutional counter which allowed it to present all the characteristics of the wines through the presence of the technician of the Consortium Nazareno Vicenzi de members in a direct dialogue with visitors.

6.00 – 10.00 pm – ICE 33E 67th St

at the ICE headquarters in NY, starting at 6 pm, the press presentation evening was held instead.

More than 50 authorities from the New York press scene dedicated to wine have taken part in this event.

After an introduction by the Italian Consul Francesco Genuardi and Maurizo Forte, ICE Director of New York, coordinated by the speech by President Albino Armani, all of the members’ labels were presented in a matching report on more than 70 nuances to a typically Italian fingerfood of the members’ Pinot gris present at the event.

To this end, the technician of the Nazareno Vicenzi Consortium accompanied the journalists, explaining the characteristics of the products, the news on the denomination and directing the tastings through the territories that make up the name itself.

Las Vegas – October 24, 2018

Las Vegas, global gambling capital but certainly a key point in the consumption of all the alcohol products that fill restaurants, bars and slot rooms.

The city of entertainment for Americans becomes a meeting point for all those who want to live well, eat well, drink well, certainly a public willing to consume wine with budget availability.

California in general, despite the homeland of one of the most interesting areas dedicated to viticulture in America and the world, sees in its supermarkets and wineshop, wine bars and authorized retailers of spirits a strong presence of Italian products even more if Pinot Grigio , despite the fact that California itself is one of the production areas of this wine-vine variety.

The name Pinot Grigio here recalls Italy and on the shelves you can easily find massive labels of Pinot Grigio delle Venezie DOC as in the same Las Vegas where the entire strip becomes an important point of consumption.

Second episode of IEEM’s Simply Italian Great Wines Tour event, the Las Vegas show saw a day of meetings with operators in the sector.

On this occasion the Consortium presented all the members’ wines within the Walkaround Tasting through a tasting counter entirely dedicated to wines and with the presentation of the same by the Nazareno Vicenzi Consortium Technician.


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